First Draft

Death is on my mind.

Not in a Goth (or even Goethe) sort of way. I have no patience for the makeup and Faust should have better researched his bargaining tactics. But I try to pay attention to living, because it’s a limited commodity. My life, yours – one day they’re going to irretrievably change, or end, or evolve beyond anything other humans will recognize. This is a demonstrable fact, and probability backs me.

However. On one side of that event, we have the great questions of Theology, Philosophy, Cosmology, and whatever theoretical physicists are up to these days. On the other, we have… this. Talking (thinking) at one another through a box, connected by electricity (because try doing anything when the power goes out).

Of course, we’re connected by much more. Language, the aforementioned Death, a strong likelihood of shared culture and mental constructs. And possibly by thoughts we discover together, ideas we string up like popcorn at Christmas. I’d like someone to share that knowledge with, because there’s a fine line between exploring the Universe and falling off it’s edge. You are, presumably, looking for something entertaining to help fill your time. So here’s the deal: spend some of your lifetime reading these thoughts, and I’ll give you my perspective. It’s at least somewhat unique, because no one else will ever again look out at the Universe from my eyes, my skull, my brain. Between your life and my mind, we’ll create new understandings of what our senses tell us – or at least travel through time together for a while.

You see, I lied. I’ve always had a soft spot for Faust. I prefer the version where he’s redeemed. I don’t think knowledge is a death note, and whether you find God or the Devil in the details (see here), I’m eager to learn from the vast array of experiences other humans have recorded or expressed during their time – so please join me in exploring them here.


Published by Marushka

I dream curiosity and write words that change brains.

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