Manifesto of a Recovering Perfectionist

“When something is perfect, it’s like a gem. It just hangs there, it’s smooth and there’s nothing to, to sink your teeth into…”

Author Christopher Paolini, from a lecture given at the Austin Public Library, Austin, Texas, 2/28/2019

I free myself from being exceptional.
I free myself to treat my efforts with good faith, and to make my efforts in good faith.

I will pay attention to hesitations.
I will seek the roots of hesitations.
I will have patience and compassion for my slowness.

I will let myself break things.

I will let myself acknowledge ineptitude, not with self-deprecation but with self-honesty – nothing more, nothing less.

I will let myself see success when I have made a step forward.
I will let myself see steps forward.

I will accurately understand my attention span.
I will design tasks for my attention span.
I will be patient with my brain. I will let it show me it’s strengths.

I will step back from self-consciousness, and replace it with honesty.

Does my work have purpose? Does my work fulfill that purpose?
Is my work fulfilled?
Am I fulfilled?

Perfection is unnecessary.

Published by Marushka

I dream curiosity and write words that change brains.

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