5 thoughts on “A Letter to the Editor

  1. That woman’s article pretty much sums up why the Democratic party doesn’t have a chance in hell this election season. Not even two people in a committed relationship can decide on which Democratic candidate to vote for, their votes are going to be so divided that nobody will win enough to surpass The Donald. This isn’t an original opinion that I have, so no reason to write a letter to the editor just yet. 🙂

    I’ll be voting for Sanders. I know he won’t win, not by a long shot, but I’ll at least feel good about myself.

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    1. My own bias is clear: I believe no other candidate runs on policies like Sanders’. There’s this narrative of a false equivalency between Sanders and Warren which simply isn’t true. No other Dem is interested in committing to single payer healthcare. Warren’s version is some sort of shenanigan which will be phased in – requiring Congress to pass multiples bills – which won’t happen. I digress. The point is, the DNC has tried to play kingmaker (again) by gaming for the “most electable candidate” rather than focusing on policies people want and need. When people are only motivated by voting out an existing president -rather than by voting towards any policies that will actually change their lives – yes, I hate to say it but November isn’t going to be good. At any rate, thank you so much for reading and sharing. The work continues 😉

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      1. Yes I did read your letter and agree with all of your points. It’s funny that they think of Warren as the “most electable” though. She’s not even close. Lol

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