Hummingbird Feeder: Full Time Job

Chirps and squeaks and red-yellow hum
The royalty draws down the red. 
Color of passion and UV vibration
Dripping, Kool-Aid, plastic temptation
Impossible feathers that take rich repose
Of a full three seconds, sparingly dosed –
Ah, wings at the window. I suppose
The hummingbird feeder is empty.

I tried to take a picture, but you can infer how that went. There are, in fact, two hummingbirds that have claimed the feeder, and the nectar disappears unnervingly fast. And in case you can’t tell – I love watching the tiny terrors. No matter how many times they show up it’s a major excitement every time.

Published by Marushka

I dream curiosity and write words that change brains.

7 thoughts on “Hummingbird Feeder: Full Time Job

  1. My morning begins with me chirping and tossing bread and wild bird seed around my front yard orchid tree and the feeder hanging from it. Sparrows, doves and the occasional crow show up immediately. And it’s true– you never tire of watching the community breakfast. Have a wonderful day, fellow bird lover.

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  2. We have several h-bird feeders that always seem to be near empty. The birds themselves are beautiful but evil-tempered and sometimes hateful little creatures who love nothing more than dive bombing each other and hovering protectively around their suspended fiefdoms. Still, they are a joy to watch and worth the effort and investment in sugar.

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    1. Good Lord yes, the last week has seen Developments. The feeder is no longer a demilitarized zone, but a hotly contested strategic resource. One of the hummingbirds has stationed himself on a branch about twenty yards away, and will sit patiently waiting for other hummers to approach – at which time the warfare begins. I begin to question what, in my ignorance, I may have started.


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