“Inconceivable!” – A Dictionary

If you’ve ever watched The Princess Bride, you know the importance of a good definition. Hence, I present a brief, highly-subjective dictionary.

Answer (n): the second half of a question. See Question. (v): to map knowledge through communication. See Map.

Compassion (n): “do no harm” turned inside out.

Create (v): to map between memory and unknown. See Map.

Empathy (n): the active state of seeing Self in Other, Other in Self. See Self, Other.

Map (v): to create relational understanding. See Create.

Memory (n): tool for the growth of Self towards empathy. See Empathy.

Need (n): 1) the action of natural laws on biological systems; 2) (social sciences) failure of empathy. See Empathy.

Other (n): the cause of change within the Self. In thermodynamics, a system in equilibrium has no change. As long as the concept of Other exists against the concept of Self, change is driven by the interaction of the two seeking equilibrium. See Self.

Resource (n): that which removes barriers to work. See Work.

Self (n): an entity which, lacking other options, you must learn to live with. See Other.

System (n): framework composed out of entropy. Perfect or imperfect map of cause and effect. See Map.

Today (n): space for work. See Work.

Tool (n): physical or mental construct that applies some sort of leverage to a problem, question, puzzle, experience, or idea. Either reusable or recyclable. 

Toolbox (n): red, metal, latched; a mental construct. Lives on the floor of memory’s closet. See Tool

Unknown (n): the first thing to establish in a system. See System.

Question (n): 1) tool that develops new tools. See Tool. 2) the first half of an answer. See Answer. (v): to approach unknowns. See Unknown.

Work (n): action driven by need. See Need.

In other words – 

If a word is important enough to use repeatedly, it’s important enough to establish at least a working subjective definition, lest you discover that it does not mean what you think it means. After you’ve built an entire argument around it.

I look forward to hearing what definitions you might have discovered for your own most-used words!

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I dream curiosity and write words that change brains.

2 thoughts on ““Inconceivable!” – A Dictionary

  1. I love “Create (v): to map between memory and unknown. See Map.”
    How about
    God (n): another name for Life. See Life.
    Life (n): another name for God. (In which then you can) see God
    Thought Seeds (n): 1. seeds of creation 2. ideas you dwell on that allow you to create
    Form (n): the fruit of Thought Seeds

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