To Become A Ghost

I don’t mean to become a ghost
But sometimes I can’t help it. 

When the spaces I haunt begin to show,
The places that spread my spirit across the map;

This and that, too private, 
Become pain that makes me gasp –

The heart that holds the ribs
And the head; a haunt just out of place
With time.

May is the month I go home to visit. 

Home is neither a place I can stay too long, nor a place I can stay away from too long. That is the simple truth of it. 

When time has stretched a bit too much between visits, it gets to the point where the place won’t let me rest. It feels like something deep inside gasping for breath. It’s a ridiculous situation. 

It’s currently an unfixable situation. I’m not going home to visit this May. Perhaps August, perhaps October; at least then my haunting activities will be in time with the season.

Published by Marushka

I dream curiosity and write words that change brains.

2 thoughts on “To Become A Ghost

    1. Yes, as you say, I think that’s the most common experience. I’m actually always deeply unnerved by places that still seem to maintain space for me. I’m sorry to hear about your experiences in Texas.

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