Tidal Pools

Light by side by sun by dawn
East to shore to scale to spawn
Here the weeds and algae latch upon
The rock. 

As the moon so as the sun
As the winds and breakers run
Drawn by ties so widely flung
And strong. 

Cloud by up by west by noon
Here one space, a static room
This tidal pool away from flume
And chance.

Dark by glass by storm by sea
No shore is an island free
And tidal pools new depths shall see
With time. 

One by two by more by few
Us by all by time by true
Shoal by shore by fathoms new – 

In a moment in a breath
Waiting long or sudden stretch
Birth to born to life’s long death
Also, is.

Published by Marushka

I dream curiosity and write words that change brains.

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