Walk Out In Stillness

Blessed are those
Who walk out in stillness – 
Who walk out
In the calm of the day
The early sun
Or afternoon’s scorched hum,
In the byways and alleys,
Shadows and lanes
Or the tracks’ farther lonely side.

Blessed are those
Who find or lose
What they seek –
They will keep looking
To find, or find again.

They will walk out in stillness,
They will step towards
The moon, the sun, and the empty sky
Stretched across stars unseen –
They will stretch towards 
Stars unseen.

Blessed are those
Who listen – 
Blessed are those
Whose breath is held,
Whose being is held,
Whose breath is leashed
By things unsaid, 
As an echo of all that is said
In stillness.

Published by Marushka

I dream curiosity and write words that change brains.

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