A Chance of Ten Times the Experience

“Ooof… I guess I should have brought food for the wolves…As soon as I make it to the village I’ll be safe.”

“What?!? This area’s not safe??”

(Quotes overheard, courtesy of Old School RuneScape’s Deadman Mode – a special mode in which other players can kill you anywhere, but you get a chance at ten times the normal rate of experience gain) 

No one said gaining experience was easy. 

In video games, they have a nice tidy leveling-up system. Usually it’s exponential – the first time you need x points, the next level you need x^(something) points, and so on. It’s a source of endless stress and focus and effort and (sometimes) rage and determination. 

But you know exactly where you stand, with experience. You get a number and everything. 

Clearly, life is lacking in this regard. How much experience am I going to gain from this whole pandemic thing? Do I gain more or less experience for sheltering in place? Do I have to actually contract the virus in order to face the final boss? Where are all my health potions? 

Is the experience different for those using Xbox? 

They really didn’t think this through. 

Of course, they tell me life isn’t a video game. Apparently it’s actually a stage, or something – I’m a bit hazy on the details. 

But – dear Lord – after this, can you imagine how much experience the next level will require?

Image courtesy of ihavekungfuphotography.com.

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