Don’t Wander Off

“Don’t wander off,” they said –

You already know. The path led
Anywhere, deeper by wider
As long as interest conspired
Distraction, while gloom gathered.

Shadows grew. Branches shattered
And drama flew. It was a squall,
Caught between sunshine. After all,
Here’s the plot: I didn’t get lost.

Just once – JUST ONCE – I’d like a fictional character to wander off the path and be perfectly fine. But I guess that wouldn’t be much of a story…

Published by Marushka

I dream curiosity and write words that change brains.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Wander Off

  1. Plenty of points of interest to discover by straying off the beaten path 🙂 Subvert our expectations!

    Two video games come to mind: Firewatch and Gone Home. They establish these tense mysteries but the actual resolutions are refreshingly benign.

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